What are BookShout Bucks?

What are BookShout Bucks?

BookShout Bucks are credits you accumulate just by reading on the BookShout web and mobile app.

How do I accumulate Bucks?

Just read any book on the BookShout mobile or web app! After your first 25,000 words read (about one quarter of an average-length novel), you’ll get $1 in BookShout Bucks. After that, every 25,000 words you read gets you $0.25. Every book you read on BookShout, regardless of publisher, genre, or price, earns you Bucks. BookShout Bucks never expire, and there’s no cap on the amount that you can accumulate.

You can also earn Bucks when your friends join BookShout. On your BookShout account page, click “Bucks,” then select your email provider—that generates an email invitation with a unique link. You’ll get $1 in BookShout Bucks for every invitee who creates an account once they’ve bought their first book.

Where can I spend my Bucks?

You can spend your BookShout Bucks on almost any title in the BookShout store. Occasionally, a publisher prohibits the use of BookShout Bucks on a particular title; if that’s the case with a book in your cart, you’ll get a notification, and your credit card will only be charged if you choose to complete the purchase anyway.

BookShout Bucks won’t work on a publisher’s website or at another eBook retailer.

How many Bucks do I need to accumulate before I can redeem them?

There’s no minimum—you can put even $0.25 in BookShout Bucks toward the purchase of a new title.

How do I apply my Bucks to a purchase?

Add any book to your cart, then check out as your normally would. You’ll need to enter your credit card details even if you have enough BookShout Bucks to cover the cost of the book(s) you’re buying. On the final screen of the checkout process, just below the “Place Order” button, check the box next to “Apply BookShout Bucks to Purchase.” Specify how many Bucks you want to apply, and they’ll be automatically deducted from your total. Please note that you must have a United States-issued credit card on file in order to redeem BookShout Bucks.

Can I donate my BookShout Bucks, or give them to other users?

Not yet, but stay tuned! We’ll let you know when that functionality becomes available.